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Jimmy’s Scrap Metals has been trading for more than 40 years in the recycling industry, and has built up an extensive chain of customer/supplier database through focusing on customer needs and providing a hands on approach to Quality Assurance. Taking the responsibilities to the Environment seriously, committed to compliance on all regulations, both current and future, and as such, is also ISO 14001 registered.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers can be confident the management of their multi-faceted waste streams is in safe hands requiring minimal intervention on their part, allowing them to concentrate on more productive aspects of their business.

Activity levels change, global pricing markets change constantly and new environmental legislation is forever adding to the complexity of waste disposal.

We characterise all individual waste streams to achieve full segregation so that you the customer achieve your highest revenue for all METALS recovered.

Scrap Metal East Rand’s policy is to recycle all waste streams to the nearest appropriate recycling facility to ensure maximum rebate wherever possible. To minimise costs and emissions.


· Metal – Non-ferrous, ferrous and precious

· Wood – by product of industry GENERALLY BULKY

· Cardboard/paper – Within full legislation requirements Duty of Care Act 1990/Pre-treatment Legislation

· Hazardous Wastes – Bespoke routes identified to minimise costs

· General Wastes – Bespoke routes identified to minimise wastes to Landfill

· Plastic Wastes – Bespoke routes indentified to maximise REVENUE where appropriate


About Our Services


Jimmy’s Scrap Metals is environmentally aware and continually monitor our operations to ensure that we are in line with new environmental law.  We strive to enhance these laws for the benefit of our world and its future.

Recycling has a positive impact on the environment and we ensure that we carry out our operations in a responsible manner.

As a result, we at Scrap Metal East Rand promise to:


· Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulatory controls

· Minimise waste and pollution in all areas of our business

· Monitor and improve our environmental awareness

· Improve and reduce our impact on the environment

· Provide complete Waste Management Solutions for our customers with our “One Stop Shop” approach

· Provide a full audit trail from collection to end disposal

· Educate our employees so that they are fully aware of our environmental policies. Our training programme is ongoing and comprehensive

· Encourage all employees to be proactive in the maintenance and further development of our environmental management system


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